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About Us Kawaii Monsta

About Us Kawaii Monsta

We are a Sacramento, California-based small shop run by partners in kawaii, a family that loves cute stuff. We offer bunches of cute stuff from Japan and planet Earth to kawaii-fy your world!


Hi from a little shop,

We love anything cute that just makes you feel happy! One of our dreams was to open a little shop, but we never had the opportunity or time to give it a go until now. We have experienced some bumps in life, from homelessness, divorce, and, like many others, a pandemic. During all our bumps, our collection of kawaii brought us joy because, to us, a plush or figurine isn't just a piece of fabric or plastic but a celebration of life and of sharing memories. 

Our mission is to bring kawaii to everyone and the same happiness we feel. Because everyone has a memory of the first time you got a plush or when you first walked into that little shop as a kid, and your eyes sparkled like an anime character at all the wonderful kawaii things from japan. At any age, we can all have the warm fuzzies.

The partners in kawaii


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Updated 09/07/2022 at 7:00 PM PST

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